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Black mold spores are dangerous - fight back with us!

With more humid springs, summers, and falls in Iowa and Illinois, mold is becoming more and more of a health problem for many business owners just like you. If you've noticed a black spot on your ceiling or if your employees complain about allergies, call us in for a mold test.

Stop mold in its tracks!

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In many ways, mold is one of the worst contaminants around simply because it can spread throughout your entire building. Let us put a stop to the problem before it gets that far!

All it takes is one spore, humid air, and time - mold problems are sure to follow

Breathe easier with our mold abatement programs

Containment is the only way to beat mold! Conventional cleaners only spread the spores to other parts of the building! Let our experts remove the mold completely!

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