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Safety First!!!

Fire safety has never been easier!

Employ fire control systems

While we can't stop a fire from happening, we can help you mitigate fire-related damage until the fire department can make it to your building. Fire doors and fire rated walls help to slow the spread of the fire until it can be put out. Do what you can now to control fire outbreak when the unexpected happens - we can help.

Mitigate fire damage from the start:

 • Slow the spread of fire

 • Fire rated walls

 • Fire doors

 • Fire barrier caulking

 • Fire safety inspections

 • Fire control installation and maitenance

 • FREE estimates

 • Commercial buildings only

Protect against fire today

on fire control services

Keeping your property safe from out-of-control fires starts with one simple call to request a consultation. Our experts will inspect your facility and make a series of cost-effective suggestions.

Take charge of your business' fire safety with our reliable safety measures

Many fire control tools are simple upgrades

Our damage control experts will design and install a series of fire control systems specifically for your building. You will have as much fire protection as physically possible.



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